Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why Read Books

There is an interesting character in the movie, Sabrina, the one produced in the 1990's which stars Harrison Ford. Sabrina's father became a chauffeur to have time to read books. It is interesting that a person would plan their career choices to provide time for reading books. Why would someone do this?

I went to college with the idea that it would be a means to a career. I discovered, however, that learning is an end in itself. I fell in love with learning. I like to think I earned two degrees while attending college, one while attending classes; the other while reading whatever I wanted to read. This makes me think of Louis L'Amour's wonderful book, The Education of a Wandering Man. L'Amour describes how he read hundreds of books every year. It shows that everyone can pursue truth if they have a thirst for it.

I am often asked how I can read so many books. I have no answer for this question. I just find the time. Like the character in the book, we need to plan our life to make times for books. Marilynne Robinson says she does not know why people read novels or write them, but they do.

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