Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Charles Dickens' Great Expectations

I read aloud to our kids after lunch and supper. I have been doing this since they were babies. Recently I read Great Expectations to my oldest daughter. I had listened to this Dickens novel several years ago on CD. Reading it to my daughter gave me a different experience. The story, the language, and the drawing of character were breath-taking. Sometimes I wanted to cry, other times I wanted to laugh, and other times I just wanted to pause and ponder what Dickens was saying.

The thing that really stuck out to me was Pip's growth of character. It is a rags to riches type to story, but so much more. Pip is lifted up from poverty to become a gentleman. During this time, he becomes snobbish and uppity. Read the book to find out how he becomes a person of good moral character.

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