Thursday, April 4, 2013

Loving Work

Loving Work: A Spiritual Guide to Finding the Work We Love and Bringing Love to the Work We Do
By Mike Hayes, Orbis Books, 2012, 118 pp., ISBN 978-1-57075-988-8, $16.00 (paper).
This is the author's version of a work that was submitted/accepted for publication in the following source:
Catholic Library World, March 2013, Vol.83 Issue 3, p.210.
Loving Work written by Mike Hayes brings to mind an interesting interchange between the Head Elf and Hermey in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. The head elf wonders why Hermey is not finished painting his toy. Hermey replies that he is not happy in his work. The other elves tell the head elf that Hermey does not like to make toys. The head elf wants to know what Hermey does like to do. Hermey tells him that he likes to work on teeth. He would like to become a dentist someday. Many people are not happy in their work. They would like to change their job to one that would be more fulfilling. Mike Hayes has provided excellent advice on how to make the transition to a more fulfilling job or how to make changes in your current job to make it more enjoyable.
            Hayes had a successful career as a sports journalist and realized that something was missing in his life. He tells how he left sports journalism and found his true calling as a campus minister at St. Joseph University and as a retreat director for Charis Ministries. Along the way he provides helpful information on how to find the work you love and how to bring love to the work you do.
            Each chapter provides a story that illustrates the principles of that chapter. For example, in chapter he narrates how he came to notice that something was missing in his life. In that chapter he provides insights on how we can find out what we are called to do. Hayes notes, “God doesn’t want us to spend a great majority of our time doing something that we’re not really called to do. Sometimes our job will be directly related to our ‘calling,’ and sometimes it is just a way to make money so we can spend our recreational time on our calling” (14). In addition, each chapter ends with questions for reflection.
            Loving Work is an excellent book to give to a young person looking for vocational guidance. It would also be helpful to adults not satisfied in their work. In addition, Hayes provides ways to enhance one’s relationship with God.

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