Monday, February 25, 2013

Effective Online Teaching

Effective Online Teaching: Foundations and Strategies for Student Success
By Tina Stavredes, Jossey-Bass, 2011, 257 pp., ISBN 978-0-470-57838-4, $40.00 (paper).
This is the author's version of a work that was submitted/accepted for publication in the following source:
Catholic Library World, Sep2012, Vol. 83 Issue 1, p.64-65.
Tina Stavredes’ Effective Online Teaching is an excellent tool for both beginning online teachers and more experienced online teaching. Tina’s purpose is to provide training “to online instructors and staff so they gain an understanding of the needs of the online learner and how these needs affect learners’ ability to persist and learn online” (xvi). The book is divided into five parts: The characteristics of the online learner; theories of student learning; methods or strategies to support student learning; interacting with students or “online presence;” and “strategies for managing your online course.” The author does a good job in communicating the essential ideas an online teacher needs to know to be successful in online teaching.  Staveredes is the chair of the psychology program in the School of Undergraduate Studies where she manages and trains the online faculty.
            Effective Online Teaching contains eighteen chapters which cover the diversity of learners and how to accommodate teaching to meet their needs; theories of learning, different strategies for supporting student learning, such as scaffolding; different ways to develop teacher presence in the online environment; plagiarizing and copyright. One of the strongest points in this book is that the author provides extensive checklists and templates that can be incorporated in the online classroom. For example, Stavrades provides a template for writing book reviews and article reviews. She also includes a template for writing a research paper. In addition, Effective Online Teaching contains a good list of other resources for additional information on online teaching. She incorporates many of these resources in the book itself.
            Effective Online Teaching would be helpful to give to both beginning and experienced online teachers. It would be a tool that they would consult often.

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