Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Faith at the Edge

Robert N. Wennberg, Faith at the Edge: A Book for Doubters. Eerdmans, 2009.

Wennberg's Faith at the Edge is an excellent book for Christians who struggle with doubt. The book is made up of short chapters. Wennberg believes that many Christians struggle with doubt and it is nothing to be alarmed about. He provides helpful advice in dealing with doubt. Some of his points are:

  • There is a difference between doubters, questioners and skeptics. "Doubters are believers struggling with their faith within the Christian tradition. Skeptics and seekers are both outside that tradition" (xv).
  • All doubt is not wrong.
  • The nonreligious experience doubt too.
  • Christian service is sometimes the best response to doubt.
  • It is helpful to have a theology of God's absence. C.S. Lewis can help us with this.
  • What the Dark Night of the Soul can teach us
  • How hope can help us during difficult times of doubt
  • We should doubt from within a Christian community
  • How to handle unanswered prayer
  • Why do some people believe different than I do
  • Why do some intellectuals do not believe what we believe
  • Why some non-Christians are better people than some Christians
  • "Why doesn't God make His presence more obvious"

This is a wise book. It will bring much comfort to the Christian who struggle with doubts.

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